How to better manage specialty drug orders  |  ZappRx, Inc

It’s no secret managing specialty drugs is inefficient and time consuming for providers. What you may find surprising, however, is how this inefficiency impacts clinical care. Nearly 76% of physicians say they’ve switched patients’ treatments to avoid glitches during prior authorization, which is one of the many steps in a long and winding process. Today, nearly 30% of U.S. drug costs can be attributed to specialty medications, and the specialty pipeline continues to grow; so it’s unlikely physicians will be able to avoid dealing with this prescribing hassle in the future. 


How pharma can stay ahead during health care's digital revolution  |  ZappRx, Inc

Digital has found a place in health care and is here to stay. Now, the traditionally more conservative pharmaceutical industry must quickly adapt. If they don’t, many leading executives predict they will risk losing their profitability to smaller, more innovative companies who can provide the same solutions, at a lower cost, to customers. Let’s take a look at the main ways technology is revolutionizing the industry — and how pharma can stay ahead.