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The Top 3 Delays That Plague Specialty Prescribing eBook 

Understanding the drivers of speed-to-therapy at every step in the process is important to ensuring that patients receive critical medications in a timely fashion. That's why ZappRx commissioned a survey of pulmonary specialists and support staff to uncover their experiences prescribing and managing specialty drugs for patients. Download this ebook to read our survey findings, including:

  • The steps that slow providers down
  • Why providers feel frustrated with the process
  • Areas where manufacturers could remove bottlenecks
  • Why speed-to-therapy matters to everyone involved

What Ails Specialty Drug Prescribing?

Over the past few years, our team has studied the specialty drug prescribing process and discovered its antiquities and inefficiences. But, we wanted to know exactly how inefficient the process is — and how these inefficiencies impact medical practices.

To do so, we surveyed specialists in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a complex and chronic health condition that is often treated with specialty medications. In the results, we discovered how providers choose specialty pharmacies, the average time it takes to complete an order, where mistakes happen in the process, and much more.